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Welcome to our PPG Page 

***Please view our Upcoming Events Page, our Awareness Day page and Top Tips for your Health for new updates, they all contain very useful information***



 The Surgery is now offering appointments to all those, over 65, for flu jabs.  Please phone for an appointment as soon as you can.

Thank you to everyone who attended the flu jab day on 13th October and helped Mandy (Receptionist) raise £185 towards her fundraising climb up Kilimanjaro in aid of Alzheimer's Disease.



Do you know someone over the age of 60 who may be lonely or isolated?  Or are you that person? Dudley Council have launched an initiative to offer support to people who are feeling this way.  Please click on the link below and share with friends and/or neighbours who you think may benefit from this



Thank you to everyone who came to our Dementia Awareness Evening.  It was very well attended and everyone expressed their appreciation of the content.  If you want to know more about what was said please look at our Awareness Days and Feedback Page where there is information about support programmes  available in the Dudley, Halesowen and Stourbridge area as well as a list of all the Services and Dementia Cafes available in the Dudley area.  Please note there are four pages in the PDF file. 



do not waste appointments made with the Surgery.  In October 68 Doctors appointments were missed, or people just did not turn up and **80** with the Practice Nurse  - these are appointments that could have been given to others who need them urgently and as we move forward into Winter this will be even more vital.   If you cannot attend for an appointment made with either your GP, the Nurse or any other professional at the Surgery, PLEASE ring and cancel it so others can be fitted in. 

 Please be warned that this issue is now being looked at by the Clinical Commissioning Group and those who persistantly do not attend for Appointments may be asked to change to another Practice.

This is now included in Lapal Medical Practice Non-attendance Policy below

LMP DNA policy 2017.pdf

Are you aware of these typical NHS costs?

Stepping into the Surgery = £40

One Hospital Appointment = £160

Stepping into A & E = £130

A call to "111" = £16

A visit to NHS Choices Website = 46p

A visit to this website where there is lots of useful information = FREE!


Please read the note below about two new Dementia Cafes opening in Halesowen and Stourbridge in November.  So many people are affected by Dementia these days, it's good to know that there are places to go that are dementia friendly and offer a relaxed environment.

New Dementia Cafes.pdf


You will have noticed the new check in screen in the porch of the Surgery.  Please ensure you check in via that screen to ensure you are seen at the right time.  Do please be aware though that there are always several Doctors on duty in the Surgery at any one time and so it may be that other people seem to be 'jumping the queue'!  We can assure you they are not.  

Please also watch and listen for your name being called via the big TV screen in Reception.

And please, please, if you have a mobile phone number, please give it to the Reception staff so you can be kept up to date with your appointments and events that the PPG are organising.


Please note the changes to the Prescribing Policy as detailed below.  This is important for all of us whatever our age, and will help save the NHS a few pennies which will turn into pounds, it all adds up.

Changes to Medicine Prescribing A4 1pp Drugs List for Download.pdf

Changes to Prescribing Meds 6pp DL.pdf


The latest newsletter from Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group contains lots of interesting and useful information.  Do read it, click on the link and it should take you straight to it!

Engagement Newsletter February 2018.pdf

Dudley CCG Feb Newsletter.pdf

May Newsletter  May 2017 pdf newsletter.pdf

October Newsletter  Engagement newsletter October 2017.pdf 

Some more information for you to read from the Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group.  This is an interesting read regarding the Patient Opportunity Panel and one of our PPG Members attends this meeting each month. 

July POPs newsletter.pdf

POPs newsletter April 2018.pdf

POP newsletter March 2017.pdf

POPS minutes DRAFT 7 June 2017.doc

POP newsletter Aug 2017.pdf



Dudley CCG Consultation Document

Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group are developing a multi-speciality Community Provider for Dudley. Below is a PDF document setting out proposed changes to healthcare in Dudley and you are invited to comment.  This is a consultation document and well worth reading as it is something that will affect all patients within the Dudley CCG area.

MCP Consultation Document Final (1).pdf


All patients, and there's 6,700 of you, are members of the PPG. However there are 12 people who make up what we are calling 'the Action Group'.  This group is made up of three members of the Practice Team, Dr. Clare Shooter (GP), Head Receptionist Sue Taylor and the Practice Manager, Debbie Smith and the nine others are volunteers, in the first instance, appointed for two years.  As this is a new group for the Practice, we have devised a Constitution and as always with these things, it will evolve and develop.  Our main aims are:

  • to improve communication across the Practice, via the Reception Notice Board, website and Suggestion Box which is also in Reception.
  • establish Health Awareness programmes.
  • have regular engagement meetings to which all patients are invited so we can share information with you and listen to your ideas and questions.

We meet every 6 weeks with a clear and specific Agenda, and we would welcome ideas and suggestions for items to be discussed.

Further information about PPG's in general can be found at the following websites and


That's all the news and events at the moment but do keep in touch with this website page as it will be updated regularly with news and dates of events that the PPG will be organising.  Remember this group is for all patients registered at the Surgery and for any ideas, there is the Suggestion Box  at Reception.

Please be assured that all suggestions will be looked at and responded to, probably via the Notice Board but anonymised to protect patient confidentiality.

 Thank you for reading our PPG page.

Do keep coming back as we will update the pages regularly with 

news and information for you.

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Your Neighbourhood Professionals. Just a Click Away! Set up a lasting power of attorney before you lose capacity and it Ramsay Healthcare UK Thos Furber & Company
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